Corruption inside court ! Producer Lucky Bisht is all set for his new film “The Justice and The Bastards “

Mumbai: Where Justice” is is a courtroom drama film, which presents the corruption inside the courts, and how the illegal cased being modified wins into the legal way. The story roams around the female protagonist who reveals the real truth while her rape case is in board and she is the only one eye witness who gives the exact statement to prove accusers for their crime. Instead winning she gets refusal to prove herself genuine and she becomes the criminal.

The films is written by Prashant Passy Pilley and going to Produce by Lucky Bisht under the companies Lucky Commando Films and Western Pacific Production Pvt Ltd. Soon the Pre-Production News will get to see.

Producer Lucky Bisht is known Bollywood base film maker resides in Mumbai India. He is well known for his past work as a technician in many reputed films like “Neyatichakra “ web series Super laundeys music album ehsaas etc.

Lucky Bisht is an Indian Film Producer born and brought up in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Lucky Bisht Well Known as Lucky Bisht (Commando) is former NSG Commando, After Indin Army he is Working as Film Producer, he done several music video, short film, web Series and now doing Feature … the justice and the bastards.