New Delhi: Supreme Court is strict on the pollution issue in the Delhi-NCR region. The Court slams Punjab and the Haryana government on this matter. The court said, people are not safe and flights are diverting, do you care or not? This condition is dangerous for people and we want the government should answer what they are doing? During the hearing Chief Secretary Court of both the state were present. On crop burning matter, the court slammed the Punjab government and said the government has failed to provide a safe environment to the people.

Every year we face the same problem, why the government doesn’t take measures before. This is not a good condition for anyone. The Court questioned the Chief Secretary, what action is taken by the government against those who are involved in this matter. Why machine were not installed before the start of this season. What government is going with funds coming from world bank for the development of the state? Where is your smart city concept? Why roads and highway are not in good condition? After the ban also construction work is still going on in Delhi. Strict action should be taken against those involved.

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